Meet The Collector

Born in the Early 80s in Brooklyn New York

Grew up as a Passionate Basketball Fan
Love Live Eat Sleep Dream & of course Play Basketball
No other Sport Matters to Me

I am a Die Hard New York Knick Fan
as I Bleed Blue
Too Bad MJ was always there to Dominate My Knicks, Poor Ewing 

Still a Suffering NY Knicks fan

My Favorite Player Growing up as a Kid was
Erving Magic Johnson,  Boy did he have that Magic

Blessed to grow up watching the GOAT himself
Mr June Mr Michael Jeffrey Jordan

Favorite Basketball Moment of my life has to be being at the 2010 NBA Finals as I Got to Witness 1 of My all time Favorite players
The Black Mamba Mr Kobe Bryant win his Last Championship & 5th NBA Ring.
Kobe was a Inspiration not only b]On but off the court as well.
Kobe worked Harder than all , Had true Passion & Killer instinct. I have learned a lot from Kobe

R.I.P Kobe you will Forever be Missed

Started Collecting Basketball Cards as a young boy in the late 80s to early 90s
From 92-95 spend all my allowance and work money on basketball Cards
I was a young boy who got hooked, it was an addiction it was a thrill it was a hunt it was fun.
Oh how it felt opening up those $2-$5 packs as a kid . WOW no better feeling as a kid

By 96 I entered high school and took a 13 year Hiatus from collecting , as I have evolved in to growing up and of course that thing called
Life = Work , Partying & Girls

Got Married to the Love of My life in 2007 by 2008 had my first kid by 2009
my life changed once again as
I was Back
Hooked , Addicted & Happy once again like a little kid in a candy store
with what has always been A Huge Passion & Love of Mine
Collecting Basketball Cards

It was ON
Started getting that tingle that sensation that happy feeling in my gut just like a kid again
As I Started collecting again, the Hunt was on for
My Favorite Players
Set Chasing
The Mission & of course Busting Wax
Little did I know it but My life has changed forever

It got crazy collecting at times as it would take over my life from work family & of course the Bills because when ur a collecting addict
there is No such thing as $avings

For me collecting is all about the
Rush The Passion the Hunt the Mission the accomplishments along with meeting great new people & making new friends
Over the years I have met many new people & made lots of New Friends all from collecting basketball cards
many relationships that I will cherish forever 

For many years my wife friends family and anyone I would tell I collected would think I was a lunatic & crazy for spending all my money on card board Most people didn’t understand the obsession
They didn’t understand the passion the Art Work of the Card Board . Let’s see who’s Laughing Now

Fast Forward to today in 2021
Cards have Blown Up Bigger than anyone would ever imagine

The card market & collecting industry has adapted and there is a crazy surge of people joining the industry from
Investors, Gamblers, &
True Collectors who have grown and now have a decent financial income to collect what they love

For me a-lot of the Card Board I collect is ART
Art which I Appreciate Enjoy & Love

Everyone wants to know Why The Name MRB ?

MRB comes from my father whom
They use to Call Mr B
My father was my Best Friend & Role Model in Life
Unfortunately in 2017 he passed away from a Stroke at a young age of only 57
So In his remembrance and dedication I decided to Brand the name MRB so I will never forget
Who made me, where I came from & how to live my life.
In his Honor I hope for the name MRB To go on for Ever
I will never forget MRB

I Made this website to Share My PC & ART with the rest of the World
I Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do 

Most Cards are PC & are Not available

My Top 5 Favorite Players in Order are


My all time Top 5 GOATS of the Game In order are


My Top 5 Player PCs & Top 5 PC Cards for each of these Players are


Game Used Auto
pmg Red /90
nba Finalist /6
03-04 EOE
08-09 EOE


Finalist /3
NT Logoman auto
credentials RC BGS 9.5
03-04 EOE


03-04 RPA /99
03-04 emblems
03-04 NP
03-04 LL /75



4 Ultimate Logoman 1/1
1980 psa 10 w/ 10 Auto

Top Dual Autos

Jordan lebron UD Black 1/1
Lebron / KG logoman
Kobe / Kidd Logoman
Lebron / CP3 logoman
Lebron / Carter Logoman

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